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Lynne Barrie

Picture Book Author

Lynne Barrie is the author of children’s picture book Dotty and Dee. Lynne lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her twin boys and husband. She is a teacher and has a passion for engaging children to read, particularly at a young age.
Lynne was inspired to write a picture book after reading many bedtime stories to her children and seeing the magic of imagination build. She noticed it helps build their vocabulary and this is something she wants to be a part of. She used the bond she has with her own sibling and that of her twin children as a starting point for the story. This then led her to create dinosaur characters, which her boys love!
Lynne intends to carry on creating picture books that focus on relationships and building empathy in the reader. She enjoys trying to make her books rhyme and likes the rhythms they have when reading aloud, which is also something she wants to keep creating in the future.
Lynne has two favourite children’s authors – Julia Donaldson and J.K Rowling.

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